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Good News!  Myers Kemptville Chev Buick GMC has implemented a program that is designed to take the hassle out of the twice yearly routine tire storage.

What is the program?  Bring your vehicle in to the Service Department and we'll remove and store your summer tires.  We'll install your current winter tires, or you can choose new winter tires available right in the dealership.  Your tires are tagged and stored ready and waiting for you in the spring.  In the spring, your winter tires will be removed and stored and your summer tires will be reinstalled.  These two visits a year can be scheduled around your Semi-Annual Service...providing you with one-stop shopping for your vehicle care.

Do you store your tires in your shed or garage?  Improper storage of your tires can be detrimental to your investment in them. Racoons love chewing on rubber tires, therefore you can just imagine the irreparable damage they leave behind with their little sharp teeth.  Extreme weather conditions will also damage your tires causing them to crack.  Our storage bins are secured and located at the back of the building.

Store one set of tires completely FREE for one season when you purchase 4 tires from our parts department!

To find out more, call our Service Consultants or schedule your next service appointment.